Lottie Dolls: Cheers for the Anti-Barbie or Bratz Doll

by Tilly Thyme on September 19, 2016

img_0073Even as a budding feminist in my college days, I swore I would never let my future children play with Barbie dolls.  Graduate school only cemented my belief that Barbie perpetuated a stereotype of “ideal” beauty that was unattainable and promoted a hyper-sexualized look completely out of line with her audience of young girls. img_0085I scoffed at Mattel’s attempts to get parents to “buy in” to Barbie by marketing her as an astronaut, surgeon and POTUS, all the while maintaining her unrealistic body standard (if she were alive, she’d be 5’9″, 110 pounds and desperately trying to stand up straight on those tiny, permanently arched feet – because Barbie always wears heels).  This post doesn’t aim to crucify Barbie.  You can find data on the Barbie Effect easily enough. [click to continue…]


Why Everyone Needs a PlanetBox

September 14, 2014

Tweet I have been waiting for weeks to write this review and am eager to share it. Before I did so, I wanted to use my PlanetBox Launch repeatedly to see how it held up to daily use and washing. And today, I can say that I am a PlanetBox convert. This is the real […]

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New Beginnings and Letting Go

September 9, 2014

Tweet Each year as school begins, a flood of emotions assails me. Melancholy brews, like a low-grade fever, for weeks before September is upon us, matched by elation over the new chapters upon which my children are embarking. Why the melancholy? Parenting, I’ve learned, is a series of “letting goes,” each of which tortures me […]

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The Perfect School

August 18, 2014

Tweet     As we head into another school year, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on what an ideal school should and could be according to educators and experts of early childhood. First up, the great Bev Bos and the ever inspirational Sir Ken Robinson “Children were not born to walk. They were born to […]

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Happy Saint Nicholas Day

December 6, 2011

Tweet December 6th is celebrated by many around the world as St. Nicholas Day.  While Thanksgiving here in the United States marks the official start of the holiday season, in Italy the Feast of San Nicola holds that honor, and the holiday season continues for one month until January 6th (the Epiphany and the arrival […]

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Reindeer Christmas

December 3, 2011

Tweet To tide you over while I work on my next post about our visit to the Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden, I thought I would share a sweet way to bring some reindeer magic into your homes this year. I recently purchased Reindeer Christmas by Mark Kimball Moulton for my […]

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Arrivederci Picture Book Month …

November 30, 2011

Tweet Today we shall bit a fond farewell to Picture Book Month 2011.  Let’s show it out in style with a (nearly) wordless post and allow pictures to speak instead.

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Yes, Virginia: There Is a Santa Claus

November 29, 2011

Tweet Short and sweet is the order of the hour.  Two days remain until December, and that means two final opportunities to share a title in honor of Picture Book Month.  Today’s selection: Yes, Virginia:  There Is a Santa Claus by Chris Plehal illustrated by James Bernardin

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Tomie dePaola’s Holiday Picture Books

November 28, 2011

Tweet Lovers of Tomie dePaola may first want to visit my post on picture books for budding Italophiles in which I praise his Strega Nona series.  And, of course, I am not telling you anything you don’t already know when I rave about his much-beloved Christmas book Merry Christmas, Strega Nona:

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Christmas with the Pioneers – 11/27/11

November 27, 2011

Tweet If you haven’t read my post about my passion for all things “Little House,” you may want to deviate and read this first.  If you’ve already done so, then you are up to speed and will readily understand why I’ve selected the following books today in honor of Picture Book Month. Santa Comes to […]

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