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A bit of natural wonder for Valentine’s Day …

A very quick post to share a wonderful (yes, as in full of wonder), natural, open-ended, handmade gift that any child would love to receive for Valentine’s Day, Easter, a birthday … is there a day that wouldn’t be brightened by Wonder Wandz by Lighnting Bugz?   On Valentine’s Day, I plan on setting up a little trail of chocolate kisses (in different colors for each child) from their bedroom doors to our living room where they will find two magical boxes.  Open the boxes with me, and see where your imagination takes you …

The woman behind the wonder describes how her latest creation, perfect for girls and boys, “can be used for everything from dancing, to running and twirling, to casting magical spells, to helping fairies, to piloting space ships, to fitting in gnome homes, to digging wondrous caves! The possibilities go on forever!! I love how children just seem to know what the wand should be used for at the exact moment.”

books Heaven on Earth Inspiration Sharifa Oppenheimer

Winter reading suggestions …

If the snowy landscapes and the winter chill make you want to hibernate until spring, cozy up to a good book and take heart!

I thought I’d share some books that have significantly shaped the way I parent.  I hope you are equally moved by them:

1)  Heaven on Earth

2)  Simplicity Parenting

3)  Making A Family Home

4)  Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars (really for grandparents, but fantastic for parents too)