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A Support Group …

N.B. As always, I’ve changed the name of my son’s preschool for obvious reasons.

Is it odd (be truthful, Reader!)  that I find myself frequently lost in a daydream about my son’s preschool?  That I visit and revisit in my mind’s eye each landscape, every private nook dedicated to reverie, and one by one the spaces, colorful and orderly, where shared stories morph into dramatic play?

I think I need a support group for parents obsessed with all things Room to Bloom.  I near went into withdrawal last week when my son was out sick for two days.  I say this in jest (slightly), but I am sincere in my devotion, my curiosity, my awe.  I realize how much work, both physical and cerebral, must go into every aspect of the learning environment created there, especially as I educate myself more on various philosophies of early education; however, the director, the teachers, and the staff sustain a microcosm of the world, minus the distractions and feedback of modern society, within the walls of their schoolhouse.  It is miraculous, really, that children can still get right down to the work of being kids, of reaching out to their environment, turning it around in their little hands, evaluating it from various angles, and reporting back to their friends (my son calls them his “fratelli e sorelle” – brothers and sisters), so that the learning loop continues without end.

My random musing today was inspired by the rich weekly newsletter the teachers send home that practically called to me to jump inside its pages and live for a while inside my son’s morning life.

Really and truly, I need a support group!  I imagine there must be others like me, silently escaping the drudgery of work from time to time to inhabit a more creative, a simpler, a gentler place like the one that exists at Room to Bloom.  Shall we name this syndrome?  I’ll ponder that for a bit while I go back to grading papers.

And while we are on the subject of daydreams, lose yourself in the marvelous image at the top of this post entitled “Daydream Believer.”  I found and plan to order it at Ninja vs. Penguin, a blog about art, design, illustration, film, filmmaking, and screenwriting:

Hope your day is divine.