Abbracci gratis/Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

by Tilly Thyme on June 25, 2010

For Juan Mann, sometimes a hug is all we need. I’ve not before heard of the Free Hugs Campaign inspired by Mann, but as I viewed the video of “abbracci gratis” or free hugs being offered in Sondrio, Italy, I felt a tight little knot in my chest.  How could this simplistic act of human connection inspire such emotion in me?  We live in a age of social disconnectivity in which human interaction happens more often via Facebook than on our back porches as dusk falls quietly over our yards.  The change has been gradual, so much so that we’ve hardly noticed how insidious it is.  While I too enjoy catching up with friends and following the random thoughts of my family on social networking sites, I see such exchanges (and even this blog) as a supplement to the very real relationships I nurture in very real time in very real spaces.  So as Juan Mann made a call to humanity to reconnect emotionally and physically with a hug, I implore all of us to let Facebook  exist as a virtual piazza or agora where we briefly unite before taking ourselves back outside to commune with nature, our children, our friends and family and even with ourselves.  One of the most glorious sounds known to man is the peal of laughter.  Last I checked, you couldn’t experience that euphony on Facebook.

Buon weekend a tutti.  Have a great weekend!

For more on the Free Hugs Campaign, visit its website:

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Catherine Allora December 9, 2010 at 9:26 am

Cara Gina,
ecco un abbraccione gratis per te!!!



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